Once upon a time, there was a young engineer who thrived on finding better ways to be faster and more efficient. He was an addict in his craft, a perfectionist to a crime who believed keyboard shortcuts were the hidden secret to success. He preached that the more times you took your hands off the keyboard to do something with your mouse that you could have done with a keyboard shortcut, the more you were killing your productivity.

Until the day came when the engineer had hit a wall. Something was missing from his daily workflow. He was filled with frustration each time he would override his clipboard history by copying another block of text, and all the tools he had found did not completely address the root of the problem. He needed a tool that watched what he copied all throughout the day so he could reference and find snippets, formulas, or messages of the past.

The engineer imagined a tool that was lightning fast, swift, insightful, yet sly and hidden… similar characteristics of a cat… a “copy cat” of sorts…

And after a handful of caffeine and passion-induced night owl development sessions in the lab with the team, Copycat was born.

Copycat is your missing Mac OS X productivity app focused on streamlining and automating your interaction with your keyboard and clipboard. Copycat rests discretely in your Mac menu bar and keeps track of everything you copy (⌘C or right-click and copy) and stores them in a chronological and searchable list that can be quickly brought to focus by using the app’s keyboard shortcut ⌘Shift+Space. Since Spotlight (or Alfred for the rest of us) is ⌘Space, this felt like an easy and natural addition to accessing these types of tools.

Now, the thing about Copycat we want people to realize is it’s not just to be used as a copy buffer search tool. If used correctly and intuitively, we’ve found Copycat extremely useful in many other tasks for simplifying your workflow without having to leave focus of an application or even take your hands off the keyboard. We plan on releasing a video series demonstrating these tactics so you too can start using Copycat to it’s fullest potential.

Copycat is a perfect tool for software developers, graphic and web designers, excel and spreadsheet gurus, or really anyone who finds inefficiencies when trying to copy and paste text and realizing you overwrote that block of text that you really needed. We found it useful for all of our team members, so that’s why we decided to release it to you so you could be quicker and productive with us.

Let us know how we can make Copycat better, faster, or more efficient. We’re obsessed with always trying to be quicker at our jobs. We like to save time so we can spent it doing other fun things, like sleeping or doing normal human activities that don’t involve obsessing over our work.

Who are we kidding. We actually run another startup you can check out here. The cost to download Copycat is helping support our dreams, and we could not thank you enough for it.

Good luck out there!